Meeting Amy Kvilhaug has been one of the most valuable additions in my life this year. Her life coaching services reach beyond the role of “coach” – she is an excellent teammate, supporter, mentor, friend and strategist. Amy balances her thoughtful and kind nature with clear goals, steps, and strategies to uplift my vision and her clients. Meetings are a joy as she brings her humor, her caring demeanor, and intelligent questions to every conversation. She is incredibly organized and flexible as she designs plans based on the individual and what best works for her/him. For example, I am an “analogue type” – I write down my lists, take a picture, and Amy reviews. I like checking in with brief messages and Amy responds with always insightful pieces of advice in turn. Amy keeps a careful watch over her clients, always keeping their well-being in mind. She is tough and deliberate when she needs to be and generous when she doesn’t need to be. If you are considering getting the most out of your talents, your goals, your relationships and out of your time, Amy has a plan for that and will be at your side for each step. I cannot recommend her enough to friends, family and complete strangers. Amy, thank you for all that you do!