Jaclyn Gilbert, author of the forthcoming novel LATE AIR and member of the Central Park Track Club 

“There is no other way to say it: working with Amy has transformed my life.  I am a writer based in New York, and not only has Amy been a key player in helping me launch my first book, but the individualized plan she built for my unpredictable lifestyle has truly allowed my creativity to thrive.  She brilliantly crafted a series of schedules, logs, and calendars that allot specific chunks of time to each one of my goals, and at the end of each week, Amy offers weekly overviews that are as thoughtfully meticulous as they are brilliantly insightful in inspiring me to tackle goals I had before dreamed of achieving. 
After just a few weeks of working with Amy, I was able to tap into my hidden potential across a variety of areas; she has helped me become a more focused and tenacious long distance runner and athlete, a more dedicated and mindful writer and observer of my daily experiences, and a more courageous person unafraid to speak my mind and take greater risks in my life as an artist.  There is not a price tag you can put on Amy’s personal investment in each one of her clients; she is at once a coach, a mentor, and a visionary paving the way for human change.”