Coach K – or Amy (it sounds strange to call her that, even though I now consider her a lifelong friend) – has had an immeasurable impact on my life. 9 years ago, I was recruited to play collegiate softball for Coach K. Since that time, I can wholeheartedly say that every academic, athletic, or professional success I have experienced I owe in part – if not entirely – to Amy. Over the course of 4 years at St. Johns, I estimate having spent between 50-70% of each day, 6 days a week, working alongside Coach K – and I can’t recall a single instance that she showed up and gave anything less than 110%. Her work ethic is unmatched, her attitude is infectious, and her constant desire to learn and grow will forever elevate Coach K to a class of her own. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever your goals are, she has the knowledge, experience, and tools to set you up for a lifetime of success. It is difficult to adequately express the positive impact she has had on my life, but I am lucky to have been coached by Amy – anyone would be.