Meeting Amy Kvilhaug has been one of the most valuable additions in my life this year. Her life coaching services reach beyond the role of “coach” – she is an excellent teammate, supporter, mentor, friend and strategist. Amy balances her thoughtful and kind nature with clear goals, steps, and strategies to uplift my vision and her clients. Meetings are a joy as she brings her humor, her caring demeanor, and intelligent questions to every conversation. She is incredibly organized and flexible as she designs plans based on the individual and what best works for her/him. For example, I am an “analogue type” – I write down my lists, take a picture, and Amy reviews. I like checking in with brief messages and Amy responds with always insightful pieces of advice in turn. Amy keeps a careful watch over her clients, always keeping their well-being in mind. She is tough and deliberate when she needs to be and generous when she doesn’t need to be. If you are considering getting the most out of your talents, your goals, your relationships and out of your time, Amy has a plan for that and will be at your side for each step. I cannot recommend her enough to friends, family and complete strangers. Amy, thank you for all that you do!


Coach K – or Amy (it sounds strange to call her that, even though I now consider her a lifelong friend) – has had an immeasurable impact on my life. 9 years ago, I was recruited to play collegiate softball for Coach K. Since that time, I can wholeheartedly say that every academic, athletic, or professional success I have experienced I owe in part – if not entirely – to Amy. Over the course of 4 years at St. Johns, I estimate having spent between 50-70% of each day, 6 days a week, working alongside Coach K – and I can’t recall a single instance that she showed up and gave anything less than 110%. Her work ethic is unmatched, her attitude is infectious, and her constant desire to learn and grow will forever elevate Coach K to a class of her own. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever your goals are, she has the knowledge, experience, and tools to set you up for a lifetime of success. It is difficult to adequately express the positive impact she has had on my life, but I am lucky to have been coached by Amy – anyone would be.


Amy has inspired me and taught me many valuable life lessons throughout my years of knowing her.  I have had the privilege to not only be coached by Amy, but I was given the opportunity to coach alongside Amy later in my career. She is truly passionate and dedicated to helping you improve yourself both mentally and physically, all while helping you achieve your goals. Her commitment and energy is contagious, which sparks your drive and motivation to be better. She has helped me tremendously, not only as an athlete, but as an individual. Amy has consistently guided and pushed me to be the best version of myself, with all challenges accepted. I am forever grateful to have met Amy and highly recommend working with her!


As my college softball coach from 2007 to 2012, Coach K (or Amy as you may know her), helped shape me into the person I am today. She had a distinct vision of how to guide each one of her players to success; not just in college, but in life after graduation. Through every step of the way she always had our best interest in mind. Even when times became tough, she always gave reassurance to trust her. She sacrificed so much to make sure we were successful in everything that we did. She truly belongs in the business of helping people.

Kacee Cox, Assistant Softball Coach UC-Santa Barbara

“Coach K is nothing short of an inspiration. Throughout my journey as a student-athlete under Coach, she never stopped motivating me to be the best version of myself. I wasn’t the easiest athlete to work with during my immature years but she has the ability to really grasp the big picture and truly understands what it takes to get you where you’re trying to go. She does a wonderful job of getting to know who you are and what drives you to achieve your goals. I can’t thank Coach enough for never giving up on me and for always believing in me and my abilities even when I didn’t. Coach has inspired me so much so, that I am now a collegiate pitching coach with the hopes of changing lives just like she has done for myself and so many other athletes. “

Francesca Carrullo, Assistant Softball Coach – Dayton University

Dedicated, organized, team player and committed to excellence are just a few words to describe Amy.  Not only has she coached a team to a championship, and has been listed in her school’s Hall of Fame, but she genuinely cares about every individual she meets.  Amy strives for perfection, and knows how to take data and transform it into success.  Her organizational skills can help develop the most chaotic of circumstances while keeping a cool mind.  Amy can articulate and motivate the most challenging of situations.  I know I can reach out to her at any time for advice on team building and coaching.  Spend time with Amy, and you will feel empowered, eager and ready to meet the most difficult challenges head on.

Judy Stobbe, Territory Licensed Category Sales Director for NIKE

“There is no other way to say it: working with Amy has transformed my life.  I am a writer based in New York, and not only has Amy been a key player in helping me launch my first book, but the individualized plan she built for my unpredictable lifestyle has truly allowed my creativity to thrive.  She brilliantly crafted a series of schedules, logs, and calendars that allot specific chunks of time to each one of my goals, and at the end of each week, Amy offers weekly overviews that are as thoughtfully meticulous as they are brilliantly insightful in inspiring me to tackle goals I had before dreamed of achieving. 
After just a few weeks of working with Amy, I was able to tap into my hidden potential across a variety of areas; she has helped me become a more focused and tenacious long distance runner and athlete, a more dedicated and mindful writer and observer of my daily experiences, and a more courageous person unafraid to speak my mind and take greater risks in my life as an artist.  There is not a price tag you can put on Amy’s personal investment in each one of her clients; she is at once a coach, a mentor, and a visionary paving the way for human change.”

Jaclyn Gilbert, author of the forthcoming novel LATE AIR and member of the Central Park Track Club