Hump Day Can Be Everday

Mr. CamelI believe I have just gotten over the hump from negative thinker to positive mindset.

Here’s the lowdown – somewhere along the line, my mindset became really negative. If I had to guess, I’d say it was rooted in staying involved in a situation that likely needed to be changed long before I did it. Anxiety and depression became deeply rooted in my soul over the years. I was unable to see the world through anything but with dark glasses. There is a part of me that is a “glass half-empty” kind of person at times, which I attribute to being a realist and a skeptic. I recently took the SparkType Quiz on the Good Life Project webpage that classified me as a “Scientist.” I’d say that’s pretty accurate. It is so important for me to get to the bottom of a situation. To have an answer. To understand the reason for all things. Even that which cannot be reasoned with. This kind of approach can leave me befuddled and despondently searching for meaning at times.

I recently hired a coach who I adore and who made the simple statement that perhaps my mind “built a wall up” and recommended that working on a positive mindset was key. Granted it was regarding running, training and racing and why I wasn’t getting certain results anymore but I took it to heart and devoured all the advice and reading materials she recommended. Ironically, I did the same with meditation last year. I began meditating to become a better runner. That was my sole purpose for it in the beginning too. Well, both items (positive mindset and meditation) have become so much more than about running. Yes, running is still a big part of it but the major theme is how differently and positively it has affected me from what I originally thought I was setting out to achieve.  Meditation has helped me become more aware of all the thoughts and feelings in my life and how to make sense of them and/or let them go. My coach has re-introduced the power of a positive mindset (and leads by example too might I add) which has, at the very least, made me feel a heck of a lot better. What else has come from it?

  1. I’m able to think more clearly.
  2. I am super aware of whenever negative thoughts creep in and make the choice to change direction of where my mind is going.
  3. I believe I am going to become a better (insert anything here)  because of it.
  4. Again, I flat out feel better. Inner peace is underrated.

Re-wiring the mind is a process, but with a sound plan in place you can do anything you set it to.