Amy Kvilhaug, LLC – Life and Performance Coach

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Amy finds great joy in working with people who are either looking to achieve specific goals, find inner peace or who may be going through a transitional stage in their lives. In either case, she can provide you with accountability, structure, organization, non-judgmental and objective support and a thoughtful plan to get results.

Her work spans across an unlimited number of areas – personal, business, academia, fitness, wellness, and really anything you want to achieve results with in your life. Under her guidance, you will set short and/or long term goals that you will work towards together under her process-oriented approach. She is solution-oriented and able to provide you with a clear plan of action based on your individual needs. As a coach, she does not believe there is a “one size fits all” cookie-cutter model when it comes to the journey towards goals. Amy is a strong believer in recognizing short-term victories along the way, and accounts for potential diversions of plans if necessary. Change is inevitable in life, and that’s ok!

Amy believes you have all the tools inside of you to live the life you want and to achieve the goals you set. She has the ability, expertise and proven track record to bring out the potential that lies within. She has spent a career in doing so. It’s never too late to follow your dreams, achieve big things, or to make significant change in order to be happy. After 22 years of coaching young women at the Division I collegiate level, Amy has recently decided to expand her coaching expertise to a broader population.

Amy believes success is a state of mind and that personal growth must be individualized, a fluid and dynamic journey that evolves over time. As your life coach, Amy will work together with you to design a plan that is as transformative and empowering as it is daily and lifelong.

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About Me

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

I have a drive for figuring stuff out – I love to isolate answers to impossible questions. I love success, and I think there are many, many ways to define it. I am passionate about organization and creating plans for tracking accountability and personal progress. I am accustomed to working with people of varying ages, backgrounds, and personality types to help them achieve greater success, balance, and long-term fulfillment. I’m intense, caring, passionate, kind, and sometimes funny!

As a former NCAA Division I collegiate softball coach I have an extremely wide skill set which includes leading, teaching, caring about people, coaching, organization, planning, attention to fine detail, meticulous time management skills, and the ability to navigate challenges as well as guide all kinds of people through said challenges.

Throughout my 22-years of coaching, I have learned that my expertise and passion lies in the area of helping people find happiness, achieve goals, creating structure and organization for them to do so, and well, running. Running began as a hobby and evolved into one of the most life-altering and rewarding experiences I have yet to encounter.

I was a Division I softball player at Providence College (Providence, RI) from 1993-1996, where I was recently inducted into the PC Athletics Hall of Fame. I recently finished up my 12th season as the Head Softball Coach at St. John’s University. I have built the program from the bottom up. Under my guidance, my staff and I have won two Big East Coaching Staff of the Year awards (2015, 2017), two regular season Big East Championships (2015, 2017), one Big East tournament championship (2017) and have competed in the NCAA Tournament (2017). I have coached hundreds of people—finding endless meaning in watching each individual thrive through our time together.

I am a competitive runner who trains with Central Park Track Club in NYC. I have completed seven marathons and many other races in varying distances. You can generally find me at the top of my age group in competitive New York races—and also running figure eight loops around Central Park’s Bridal Path in the mornings. FUN FACT: I actually didn’t start running until my late thirties. Proof that it is never too late to start something new, to dedicate yourself to change, to continue to achieve far beyond the original limits you set for yourself.